Monday, 22 February 2016

We love a new product and Gubi's new mirrors by designer Gio Ponti are no exception.  
Gio Ponti was a conceptualist who always drew lines between the architecture and the interior design. Ponti never viewed architecture as simply creating buildings. Instead, he often conceived of the building's interior as well; creating furniture, lighting appliances, and even ceramics, glassware and silverware to fit the overall concept.

He even created Domus, an influential design magazine in Italy that made Italian design a leading influence on the world in the 20c.  

Ponti's signature furniture designs, such as the sleek Superleggera chair for Cassina or his elegant mirror collection provide a new perspective on traditional Italian furniture and blend style with functionality. His design was influenced by la dolce vita; he encouraged everybody to use good design to enjoy life to the fullest. This exact colourful, joyful, sensual Italian good life is reflected in his portfolio, and will certainly continue to influence artists and designers well into the future.

In 1925, Ponti designed his own house in Via Randaccio in Milan.   This was effectively his first full design project.   The circular Randaccio mirror hung in the bedroom of his apartment with other furniture designed for this project.  

Via Randaccio, Milano

Gubi has also produced the F.A 33 rectangular mirror, which he designed with his design partner, Pietro Chiesa for FontanaArte (still in existence) a furniture production firm he established in the 20s.   
images of products via gubi
You can read more about the products via the product pages in the store.  Follow the links below.    

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